Cross Cultural Business Support

Our mission is to provide cross cultural support to German and Australian businesses to improve communication and collaboration pathways that allows successful project and business development in both countries.

About us

Oliver Krumholz is the founder and owner of IO-consult, a cross cultural consulting company based in Perth, Western Australia.

His unique perspective stems from a successful career in the health and environmental industries, where he honed his skills in navigating cross-cultural and social environments, finding common ground between different perspectives, and bridging the gaps between business practices and cultural norms.

Growing up and working in Germany, Oliver has a natural understanding of German culture, business practices, and communication styles. As a consultant, Oliver has a track record of successfully guiding clients through the complexities of regulatory processes and working in governmental agencies in the implementation of relevant legislative frameworks and policies.

Oliver’s extensive knowledge of both German and Australian cultures, along with his professional experience, allows him to navigate the complexities of cross-cultural business relationships. He has the ability to guide through a range of topics, including business negotiations, cultural adaptation, and communication strategies. This unique combination of experiences and insights makes him a valuable asset to companies looking to establish or expand their presence in either Germany or Australia.

Our location

IO Consult is based in Perth, Western Australia, which is a thriving and dynamic economic centre in Australia.

Perth, located on the west coast of Australia, has a growing and diversified economy with strong potential for future growth, and serves as a strategic hub for trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region. The city is an increasingly important contributor to the renewable energy transition, with major renewable projects in the pipeline, including solar and wind farms, hydrogen production, lithium mining and refinement, and the provision of power to Asia.

Our consultancy leverages its local expertise to provide relevant cultural knowledge and to help businesses avoid misunderstandings and cultural missteps. We also help to navigate the relevant regulatory environment on state and Commonwealth level, while providing effective communication with industry and regulatory stakeholders. Our personal and professional network supports businesses to build relationships and new business opportunities while controlling costs for market research, evaluation and entry, project planning and implementation, stakeholder relationship management, and administration.

Our services

As local specialist we provide you with relevant cultural knowledge and help to avoid misunderstandings and cultural missteps.

You can rely on our personal and professional network to build your relationships and new business opportunities. Being local means effective communication with relevant industry and regulatory stakeholders, as we are familiar with cultural and social norms and communication styles. We help to navigate the relevant regulatory environment on state and Commonwealth level and provide employee support for seconded personal for a good start in a new environment.

Cross cultural support

Have you ever wondered how your business partner is actually ticking and communications seem the be challenging? We provide advise and support on cultural nuances beyond the well established cliches and guidebooks.

Regulatory support

Thinking about new business opportunities in Australia? We provide resources for processes and guidance relevant to legislation and regulations and will connect you with the proper specialist professionals.

Local representation

Do you want to maximise your business success with a local expert? Partner with us as representative who enables quick and focused responses to evolving conditions for optimized results and is available during local business hours.

Employee Assistance

Planning to send employees to Western Australia? We understand that relocating and adapting to a new environment can be stressful and distracting. Let us help by providing comprehensive administrative support and assistance with housing, mobility and orientation.